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Product No: CK140

Product Name: Desktop CNC Lathe

  • High performance 2 axis Lathe CNC controller.
  • Automatic 4 positions tool post.
  • Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact,High strength guide way.
  • Auto power off when door open
  • High quality 2 axis step motor,high torque brushless motor.
  • Control speed of G code.
  • Best choice for DIY or Hobby user and Education & Training CNC.

The CK140 is a desktop CNC lathe,with KY980Tc turning CNC system,support multi language interface display,the standard spec includes MPG hand wheel,automatic 4 positions tool post.Using a single-phase power,selection of high-quality casting materials, ballscrews,XZ axis motor type are stepper motor.With interlocking guard,has several functions: turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, end surface, taper surface and thread of shaft, etc.Ideal for cutting a range for wax, plastic, acrylic,free cutting alloys,aluminium and cuprum. Best choice for DIY or hobby user and education & training CNC.

CK140 Dsktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Small CNC Lathe

Chuck with three jaws

80mm self-centering 3-jaw chuck,optional 4-jaw chuck or ER32 collet chuck with flange.Use cast iron spindle box,low noise,It has good rigidity and stability,which benefits to the machining precision.

CK140 Mini CNC Lathe

Automatic tool change

Equipped with a 4-station automatic tool change for processing more complex parts,Turning tool specifications is 8*8mm.

YORNEW CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe

Machine tool body

Machine tool bod selection of high-quality casting materials,with lathe tailstock.Using a single-phase power.

Desktop CNC Lathe

Industrial Lathe CNC system

Industrial Lathe CNC system,more stable and more durable, and operate more simple,ARM 9 CPU+FPGA,Support B macro function,PLC function,Mutil-language library function.

Desktop CNC Lathe

MPG hand wheel

Used for setting the mechanical work origin and manually stepping trimming,The band switch on it is used to select the axis and magnification.

best small cnc desktop machines

Headstock and spindle encoder

Headstock uses castings,high torque spindle brushless motor,control speed of G code.with encoder,used to turning thread of shaft .

Small CNC Lathe Accessories
Small CNC Lathe optional accessories

Technical parameters
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Resolution 0.01mm
Swing over bed 140mm
Travel across slide 75mm
Clamping Size 1-60mm
Spindle speed 300-2500rpm/min
Spindle through-hole 10mm
Spindle mount MT2
Spindle motor power 150W
X travel 70mm
Z travel 160mm
The max moving speed 2000mm/min
The max feeding speed 1000mm/min
Control system KY 980Tc Turning CNC System
Automatic tool change system(ATC) 4 Tools
Tool dimension 8×8mm
Tailstock taper MT1
Tailstock sleeve diameter 20mm
Travel of tailstock 25mm
Power 220VAC / 110VAC
Weight(NW/GW) 80/100KG
Overall dimension 750*450*850mm
Packing size 850*560*950mm

CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe of maching Video

CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe of maching Video

CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe

CK140 Small CNC Lathe

YORNEW CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe
CK140 Desktop CNC Lathe

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